A Doctor’s Road to the UK

Road To UK


We have discussed the PLAB exams, GMC registration, working in the NHS, the UK visa application, and the post-graduate training structure in the UK in this blog so that your road to the United Kingdom as a doctor becomes simplified. We hope we can help you on your journey towards GMC registration and beyond!

Is the road to the UK for doctors easier than other countries?

That debate is endless. We hope you’ll be able to decide on whether to come to the UK on your own from the many discussions regarding this matter that can be found on the internet and on various forums. Right now, let us just help you understand about how life will be in the UK during and after your journey, and how you can settle comfortably abroad.

What is PLAB?

Professional Linguistic and Assessments Board.

It is a licensing examination to assess whether a doctor is eligible to obtain GMC Registration or not. It’s NOT a degree, or a certification by itself. It only makes you eligible to apply for GMC registration. It has two parts but before you can take the PLAB 1, you have to clear IELTS/OET and get required score to prove your English language proficiency. If you’re interested in the PLAB pathway, you can find more details at PLANNING YOUR PLAB JOURNEY.

How to prepare for the PLABs?

The whole preparation for PLAB 1 can be taken by yourself, as all the materials you need to study with are available for free. Provided that, the social media, Facebook is also a great source to discuss any questions you might have, and also share your input. Read here more about HOW TO PREPARE FOR PLAB 1.

As for PLAB 2, it is highly advised to attend a course, but remember to plan ahead for your PLAB 2 exam date and course. The planning is crucial here and this PLANNING FOR PLAB 2 AND COURSE might help.

What about MRCP?

Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom [MRCP(UK)]

It is a postgraduate medical diploma in the United Kingdom (UK). The examinations are run by the Federation of the Medical Royal Colleges. It a stepping stone to move forward in to specialty training. Details can be found is this post, PLAB vs MRCP vs USMLE.

So, can I become [this] specialist in the UK? How?

This is very valid concern and a sound knowledge about the whole training structure is the primary thing you should know about. Then will follow your knowledge about your desired specialty. Read about SPECIALTY (OR GP) TRAINING IN THE UK.

Which path is right for me to go to the UK?

“I am a fresh graduate” / “I worked for a long time in my home country” / “I haven’t been working for a long time at all” – all your pathways to get into the UK healthcare system are discussed with diagrams in POSTGRADUATION PATHWAYS.

I want to know more.

We’d like to think that somewhere in this PLAB blog you may find all the answers to your journey to the UK. Perhaps you’d like to START HERE?

Who are we?

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