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Are you an International Medical Graduate (IMG) who’s determined to make a medical career in the UK? Let’s start!

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In 2020, a total of around 10,000 international medical graduates (IMGs) obtained registration with the General Medical Council (GMC), which was greater than the UK and EEA graduates combined. 🤯

Why did this happen?

  • A universal healthcare system (the NHS)
  • Experience of living and working in the UK
  • Opportunities to learn new skills (even in competitive specialities)
  • Providing healthcare to a diverse, multicultural population

These are a few of the perks that are continuing to attract international doctors to the UK.

But, the process, starting from taking the required exams to reaching your long term goal of becoming a consultant in your chosen speciality, is riddled with intersecting pathways and various stipulations. It’s easy to get confused from the start. It’s easy to be in that situation of “I wish I knew…” 😥

So, what’s the solution?

RoadToUK. We, Dr. Ibreez Ajaz and Dr. Ibrahim Ivan, started this platform with an aim to give each and every IMG an opportunity to achieve their dream of living and working in the UK.

Our blog articles, YouTube videos and personalized guidance sessions have benefitted thousands of IMGs already, and our mission to develop a more confident and knowledgable version of you has only just started. 🤞

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We provide personalized guidance sessions to enable you to plan and execute your own road to UK. We have revised and developed various session types according to the IMG need. Click the button below to explore more.

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Ibreez and Ibrahim, the team of two international medical graduates who started early in their UK career and have built this platform to help and guide other IMGs to make it to the UK!