How to Apply for Indemnity Coverage
Indemnity coverage?I don’t need that! I’m a safe doctor and I always make sure I double check everything before I send my patient home. Be that as it may, indemnity insurance is your extra coverage to protect you in case of clinical negligence claims. Yes, your Trust will have provided you with coverage, but this coverage is more about keeping the hospital happy and safe than it is about ensuring your well-being. That being said, this coverage also only takes

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Sorry this may be irrelevant but very important to me,if not too Trouble I wanted to know that since I am a diabetic (type2) and on medication for it,I suffer from frequent hypoglycaemic episodes,I wanted to know that whether I would be able to get some short breaks in between my duties to have a snack or not.and if I do get a break,will any refreshments be available in duty room/canteen/vending machine from where I can buy or will I have to carry my own? Thanks

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