FAQs on the Road to UK: Part 2

So many of you have asked for it, and here it is! A series by RoadToUK covering many of the frequently asked questions regarding IELTS, OET, PLAB, and the entire journey from home to the UK so that you can plan every step of your way to becoming a doctor in the UK! Please keep an eye out for more topics to be covered in this series.

Some of the questions covered:

★ What’s the best way to prepare for PLAB 1?
★ How to find an accommodation in the UK for PLAB 2?
★ When will PLAB become UKMLA?
★ Can I do internship in the UK? 
★ Do doctors get paid after passing the PLABs?

These and many more topics will be covered in this video. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more!

Any further questions? Ask away! https://goo.gl/forms/fJzsq40o6f7Y4uH62

Anything you might want to clarify/ask?

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