Hey, there!

We are Ibreez and Ibrahim, the ‘team’ of two international medical graduates (IMGs) who have built this platform in order to help others to achieve their dream of working as doctor in the UK!

What do we do?

We have created multiple ways how an interested international medical graduate (IMG) can get all the required information to plan and start their career as a doctor in the UK


We have written more than 100 articles explaining many pathways as well as sharing our experience on things that matter when an International Medicine Graduate (IMG) thinks about making their career as a doctor in the UK.


Road to UK® Academy started with a vision to combine one concept or process all together so that it is easily conveyed to the interested International Medicine Graduate (IMG).


Through our YouTube channel, we strike a balance between educating International Medical Graduates (IMG) about getting to work in the UK as a doctor and showing them the real side and experience of working here. Our Ask a Consultant series and Online IMG Induction by IMGs has been well received as well as. 


Road to UK® is not all about work. We laugh, we roam, we live too. The beauty of a fabulous work-life balance as well as the picturesque United Kingdom comes alive through our lens in Instagram.

Our Disclaimer!

We ARE NOT affiliated with any job/recruitment agencies, academies, or any organization in the business of making money off of what is freely available. We run this blog for the love of helping others, and transparency regarding our foundation is the key to our work.

Having said that, we have started providing paid personalized guidance sessions in our free time in between our busy schedule in order to help YOU individually guide and achieve your dream!

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