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Ibrahim Ivan
Ibreez Ajaz
Ibreez Ajaz

Dr Ibrahim Ivan completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery from Bangladesh. Upon finishing internship, he opted to take the PLAB exams in order to register with the General Medical Council of the UK. He works as an Internal Medicine Trainee for the Health Education of England.

Dr Ibreez Ajaz has also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery from Bangladesh. She has also completed the steps of USMLE, but in the pursuit of better job satisfaction and free healthcare, she opted for the PLABs, and now works as an Internal Medicine Trainee as well. Her experience with both the US and UK healthcare systems adds to her prowess in helping others.

Purpose of this blog

Our intent is to help doctors all over the world every step of the way on their Road To UK by explaining the following:

  • PLAB route to GMC registration
  • Other routes to GMC registration including PGQ & MTI
  • Preparation for IELTS/OET, PLAB 1, PLAB 2
  • Planning guidance on every other step related to them, including cost
  • GMC registration process
  • Job application in the NHS and necessary personalized help
  • Post graduate training pathway to become a specialist or GP
  • UK Visa Guidance for visiting, PLAB 1 & 2, Tier 2

All of these and many more topics are discussed in our blog. If you go through the Blog Posts page, you will discover everything.

Reaching us

We are always happy to answer your question whenever and wherever you ask.

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Good luck to you all!


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