RoadToUK Webinar: Women in the NHS

We are often asked about how the environment is for women in the NHS. While not to take away from men, there are many concerns women have regarding pursuing this route, especially if they are intending to go abroad on their own. This webinar intends on being an open setup…

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FAQs on the Road to UK: Part 3

A series by RoadToUK covering many of the frequently asked questions regarding IELTS, OET, PLAB, GMC registration, and the entire journey from home to the UK so that you can plan every step of your way to becoming a doctor in the UK! Please keep an eye out for…

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How to be a Safe Doctor

The most pressing concern once you've started working in the NHS is whether or not you are being a safe doctor. What we will outline in this post is what it means to be a safe doctor and how one can go about ensuring that they are doing right by…

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