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IELTS and OET for PLAb GMC reg and visa


Read all things necessary to know before you embark on your journey to the UK as an International Medical graduate (IMG). This collection of articles is the basics!

PLAb 1 preparation

If you have passed IELTS/OET and looking to know how to go forward read this articles first. Find how to book PLAB Exams here!

PLAB 2 planning

One of the biggest worry for IMGs in their PLAB journey is the UK Visa for PLAB 2. Read our step by step explained steps in different articles here.


UK Visit for PLAB 2

After coming to the UK for PLAB 2, you may feel lost and homesick. Where to get what and what you should think about?

Epic for GMC registration

GMC registration

Once you have completed PLABs (or other pathways), how to apply for GMC registration? What documents do you need?

NHS interview questions and tips for doctors

Looking for Jobs in the NHS

Congratulations on getting GMC registered! Now is the time for applying for jobs and finding the best hospital to work at.


Work Visa for you & dependents

Your dream is slowly materializing now. Read this collection of articles to know more about application process of work visa in the UK.

post graduation in the UK

Postgraduation opportunities

Are you trying to compare between PLAB vs MRCP or PLAB vs USMLE? Or looking to find what the PG pathway in the UK is like?

training in surgical specialties

Specialty Training in the UK

Specialty training in the UK for doctors can be very different from the PG medical education of your country. A clear knowledge will help you plan better.

Audits and QIPs

Continuing professional Development

How to go about doing necessary courses, audits or QIPs? What's GMC's revalidation? Should I get an indemnity insurance in the UK?

working in ICU in the NHS

Working in different specialties

If you are passionate about one particular specialty, look here to see if we have covered how it is like to work in that specialty in the UK.

Buying a car in the UK as an IMG

Finances and UK living

We are not financial advisors, but we try to help IMGs in the UK with our suggestion on how to maximize the earning and living a comfortable life.