Biometric Residence Permits (BRP)

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I'm sure 'BRP' must be an acronym you've seen thrown around quite a few times in the many Facebook forums dedicated to helping you achieve your journey to the UK. It would only make sense to breakdown just what the BRP is, how to collect it, and other important information regarding it. First things first:

What is a BRP?

It's the Biometric Residence Permit which allows you to stay in the UK and shows evidence of the your immigration permission(s). You will need it in the following situations:

  • Applying to come to the UK for longer than 6 months
  • Extending your visa to longer than 6 months
  • Applying to settle in the UK

What information does it contain?
Your BRP will include:

  • Your name, date and place of birth
  • Your fingerprints and a photo of your face
  • Your immigration status and any conditions of . . .

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