Getting a job in the UK is the last and most important step on your road to the UK. That’s why it’s important to have a good CV, to know how to apply for NHS jobs, and what you can expect in the interviews. In these posts below it is discussed about how you can make one CV and with those information you may be filling up the NHS jobs profile. If you are successful to get an interview call back, then how should you proceed and how to prepare for that. Along with how to finalize a job and commence your dream job in the UK. Setting up an NHS profile is the most important thing you can do after you are done with your PLAB 2 and waiting for the result. The information you need to input are provided in the respective post and also some elaboration are given in the Creating a Perfect CV post.

The Interview : Q&A

Congrats on scoring an interview! Now the tension that plagues you is just what you’ll have to say or what questions you’ll have to answer in order to sway the consultants sitting on your panel in your favour. Let’s discuss some tips and techniques so that you can come out…

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