Ask a Consultant: Dr. Mark Drake

Dr. Mark Drake discusses at length about why he chose to work in a field as rewarding as geriatrics, and what exactly the entire specialty covers. He also gives an overall picture as to how one can also pursue geriatrics if so interested, and the opportunities one can avail by…

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FAQs on the Road to UK: Part 3

A series by RoadToUK covering many of the frequently asked questions regarding IELTS, OET, PLAB, GMC registration, and the entire journey from home to the UK so that you can plan every step of your way to becoming a doctor in the UK! Please keep an eye out for…

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Ask a Consultant: Dr. Vijaykumar Singh

We were given the privilege to interview Dr. Vijaykumar Singh, Acute care physician with a special interest in Stroke and Gastroscopy. Dr. Singh recounts his experience of coming from Mumbai soon after completing his internship and the process by which he began working in the UK, ultimately entering training and…

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