20 Questions in 2020

To ring in 2020, Dr Ibreez Ajaz is answering 20 of your asked questions in this video from our live session! She discusses things from the impact of Brexit, job availability, maternity leave, patient load, experience needed to apply for jobs, how to save money, and the chances of getting…

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RoadToUK Webinar: Women in the NHS

We are often asked about how the environment is for women in the NHS. While not to take away from men, there are many concerns women have regarding pursuing this route, especially if they are intending to go abroad on their own. This webinar intends on being an open setup…

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RoadToUK Webinar: Speciality Training

There are many blog posts and comments about how specialty training is structured in the UK, but we know everyone's journey and path is different. That's why we had arranged this Q&A session so that you could clear up any confusion. For more information, check out: Specialty Training in the…

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