Working in Stroke Medicine

Stroke is a vibrant place to work as you have the chance to hone your clinical as well as radiological skills. There is a wide variety of patient exposure as strokes can affect any age (though most commonly in older individuals), but the presentations and correlations that can be made…

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Working in Acute Medicine

Acute medicine may have a different name depending on your hospital or Trust. Sometimes it you may hear it being referred to as AMU (Acute Medical Unit) or CDU (Clinical Decisions Unit). Regardless of the name used, you may find that your first medical rotation/job in the UK is in…

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Working in A&E

It's often difficult to assess where would be best to start off working in the NHS when you start applying for jobs, especially when you hear about how working in A&E may be stressful. Many of us wish to apply exactly where we one day wish to train- and we…

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