DRE-EM Program for Emergency Medicine

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What is DRE-EM?

Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine

This is a run through 5-year training program in EM, which may be suitable for those who have done core training in other specialties such as core surgical training, or who have done a minimum of one year of EM experience with/without some ACCS competencies.

The Defined Route of Entry to Emergency Medicine (DRE-EM) allows entry to ST3 Training via 2 routes:

Route 1 : from Surgical Training

One route is to enter into Emergency Medicine specialty training, having successfully completed two years of a UK core surgical training program or two years of a run through surgical training program in the UK.

Entry via this route leads to a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Emergency Medicine.

Route 2 : from ACCS specialties

The other route is to enter into Emergency Medicine specialty training is with evidence of a minimum of 24 months at core trainee level (not including time spent . . .

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