How to apply for a TIER 2 visa within UK

How to apply for a TIER 2 visa within UK

Thankfully, applying for a new TIER 2 visa within UK visa is neither as hectic nor as nerve-wracking as when you applied for the first time from outside UK. That being said, it is crucial you ensure all the information and documents you provide are correct. You should include any dependents who are on your current visa on your application to extend, and you should apply before your current visa expires.

Requirements to apply for an Tier 2 within UK

  • You must have current TIER 2 visa.
  • You have a new certificate of sponsorship (CoS)
  • You must be in the UK to extend your visa.

When do we need a new Tier 2 visa

  • Definitely when your current one is about to expire.

You should have a CoS for a new Tier 2 (or extension) at least 3-4 months before your current one expires to be on the safe side.

  • When you are . . .

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Kareem Zayed
Kareem Zayed

My TIER 2 VISA will end on 14/12/2019, and my dependent also. I will need to travel back.home for 2 weeks and return on 07/12/2019. Could I apply for me and my dependent on the same day? What happens if I couldn’t get the new VISA before the end date… Read more »


I am applying for a tier 2 visa change. My current BRP says leave to enter but I chose leave to remain on my application as my current application page as leave to enter was not an option. I was asked only to provide the passport and BRP. What supporting… Read more »

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