Finding an accommodation in the UK

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find an accommodation

I don't have any family living in the UK.Where will I stay during my PLAB 2 visit?How do I find an accommodation?Is there any blacklist of accommodations that I should avoid?

These questions were also asked by me when I was working on my PLAB 2 visa. In fact, my application was hanging there just because I didn't have an accommodation address to fill up in the online application.

Then I started thinking rationally.

People rent the rooms in their houses

Obviously, there are a lot of people who are just like me, who don't have any kith and kin living in the UK, goes to the UK for the purpose of PLAB 2, around the year. They'll have to stay at rented properties. And the most common places anyone will want to stay is nearby their courses.

Where do I look for accommodation?

So, I dug around the internet . . .

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