How to get registered with GMC (UK)

How to get registered with GMC (UK)

You can not practice as a doctor in the UK without having GMC registration and a license to practice. There are a few ways you can get GMC registration; let's find out how.

Types of registration

For medical practitioners, there are four types of registration routes:

  1. Provisional Registration
  2. Full Registration
  3. Specialist Registration
  4. GP registration

Specialist and GP registration can ONLY be applied after you have completed the respective training in an approved training post.

What are the eligibility critera to apply for full GMC registration

This is the type of registration that most of the International Medical Graduate go after. The criteria are:

  • Having an accepted Primary Medical Qualification
  • Completed an acceptable pattern of internship
  • Having completed any of the below:
    • Passing the PLAB
    • Having an acceptable post-graduation qualification
    • Being sponsored by an approved sponsor for registration

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