How to book PLAB 1 and open a GMC Online Account

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How to book my PLAB 1 exam?Where can I get a GMC Reference Number?What do I need to open a GMC Online Account?

Now that you have obtained your required score in IELTS/OET, let's move onto bigger and bolder step, PLAB 1. By this time you already should know PLAB 1 takes place twice in a year, March & November, in overseas centers, and four times, March, June, September, & November, in the UK.

To help you do the preliminary planning, you can have a look here how to plan for IELTS/OET & PLAB 1.

GMC Online account

In order to book PLAB 1 you have to have a GMC Online Account. This post is to guide you making one. GMC . . .

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