How to open a UK bank account

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Wondering about how to open a bank account in the UK? We've gotcha covered.

The most important step after you've landed in the UK and secured your job is making sure you have a bank account to store all your hard earned cash. It's also essential that you pick a bank that fulfills all the criteria you wish in order to build a good credit history, easily transfer funds home, pay bills, and conveniently check your balance.

Once you've settled in, start to look around and see what banks are nearby. Even in this day and age of technological ease, it does no good to have a bank that's too far away.  Let's now discuss some of the more popular banks with their respective basic accounts:

Banks in the UK

Banks can have many different accounts for different people and their needs. There can be simple and straightforward accounts with no strings attached, or accounts that require a monthly/yearly . . .

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