How to prepare for PLAB 1

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How do I prepare for PLAB 1?What books do I study?Where can I get free PLAB materials from?

The whole preparation for PLAB 1 can be taken by yourself, as all the materials you need to study with are available for free. Provided that, the social media, Facebook is also a big and easy gathering to discuss about any question you might have and also share your input.

Disclaimer: I have not compiled any notes, documents or anything I'm providing here, myself. I have tried to mention those who’ve done the hard work and made it available to us. May they have good returns!

Is the PLAB exam hard?

PLAB 1 isn't a walk in the park. Yes, there are question banks and free materials everywhere but please don't take the preparation lightly thinking questions will repeat exactly the similar like . . .

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