Internal Medicine Training: The Interview

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IMT interview

Arguably the most important part of your entire internal medicine training recruitment process, you need to be very well prepared for the interview. Hopefully you've been long-listed and then shortlisted, and finally received an email asking you to choose a location and date for your interview. Try and be as prompt as possible when you're responding to the email regarding available dates and locations so that you can get a day that works with your schedule. Often times they will try and add extra dates or locations, but it's not a good idea to risk waiting until the last second.

If you are working the day you wish to attend an interview, ask your hospital about applying for 'special leave', which is separate from annual and study leave. Make certain you are well-rested and prepared the day of your interview, so try not to book it soon after nights. If you have to travel a bit to get to the nearest interview location, try and travel the night before so that you . . .

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