Master’s Degree & Postgraduate Diploma in the UK

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A master's degree (MD, MS or MCh, MSc, MPhil etc.) and postgraduate diploma in the UK or abroad can help you to pursue a career in medicine (i.e. as a doctor) or pursue an alternative in another aspect like research or academics. There is a whole range of specialisms within the area of medicine and healthcare, which can be surgical, clinical or related to a specific area of illness or disease.

How can I do an MD/MS degree in the UK?What about a postgraduate diploma or Master of Science (MSc) degree?How much it can cost?I heard I can do it without PLAB?Do I need to appear in IELTS/OET?

Types of master's degree

Broadly MD/MS i.e master's in the UK can be divided into two groups:

  • Taught
  • Research

Taught Master’s

Taught Master’s degrees will usually take a very . . .

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