Medical Appraisal and Revalidation in the UK

Medical Appraisal and Revalidation in the UK

You may have gotten an email from your NHS Trust's re-validation officer that you have an appraisal due soon and you're worried just what that might entail. There's no need for concern, it's a fairly straightforward process. Also you may have received a somewhat confusing e-mail from GMC talking about "Confirming a connection" with a designated body or "Give up your license" when you may have received your registration and license to practice a few months back but haven't started working in the UK yet. Please continue to read on.

What is GMC Registration & License to practice?

As mentioned in the GMC's official page here, there are 4 types of registration that is provided by General Medical Council (UK).

Provisional Registration

This is the . . .

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