Obtaining criminal record certificate for Tier 2

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Obtaining police clearance

Congrats! You've overcome the hurdle and managed to snag a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)! Now all that lies before is applying for the TIER 2 visa. The online application part is well discussed in Online application for Tier 2 visa. The documents required are mentioned in supporting documents for Tier 2 visa, but for now we are concerned with obtaining a criminal record certificate.

What is a criminal record certificate?
According to the definition formulated by UK Visas & Immigration,

A certificate confirming an individual’s criminal record is usually issued by the police or by an appropriate law enforcement agency. A certificate will include information about an individual’s criminal record, including any past offences and information relating to recent arrests which are pending further action such as prosecution. Alternatively, the certificate will confirm that the individual does not have a criminal record.

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