Post-graduation at home & abroad

Post-graduation at home & abroad

Post-graduation is a long and diverse road for a doctor. It's a lot to think about after you've finished your primary medical qualification. The lack of knowledge about the whole path ahead of you may land you in a situation where you tell yourself you could've done it differently.

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Details of entry routes of doctors of different levels of the healthcare system in the UK has been discussed here, Post-graduation Pathways in the UK.

I will discuss about the post-graduation options and different training structures in countries like the USA, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan in this post.

Career Progression in the USA

After high school, an US graduate has to go through years of undergraduate and medical school to get into residency. An IMG will also have to prove themselves equal in that aspect. That . . .

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Zaid Rahman
Zaid Rahman

So would the general advise be to do the post graduation in our home countries and then move especially if the speciality of choice is not internal medicine? And then give mrcp and move to UK

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