Preparing for Advanced Life Support (ALS) Course

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ALS preparation

­Advanced Life Support (ALS) certification tends to be desired or mandatory in many job applications and is essential to have as your career progresses in the NHS.

The ALS course teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

  • recognize and treat the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach;
  • deliver standardized CPR in adults;
  • manage a cardiac arrest by working with a multidisciplinary team in an emergency situation;
  • utilize non-technical skills to facilitate strong team leadership and effective team membership.

­There are somethings to keep in mind before you decide to book an ALS course. Firstly you need to ensure you have at least gotten an idea of the framework of the NHS before applying, or that you at least have some prior experience when it comes to CPR/defibrillator use back home. Secondly you need time to prepare. You cannot go into this thinking you will be more than prepared by just attending the class or completing the modules. There will be a book . . .

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