Specialty Training in Paediatrics in the UK

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Specialty training in paediatrics

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. In UK, the paediatrics department provides care to the patients starting from birth to the age of 16. Paediatrics is a highly sought after specialty training in the UK and has many unique branches in itself.

Levels of Paediatrics Training & Sub-specialties

Paediatrics in UK is a run-through training starting from ST1 to ST8. Recruitment happens at ST1/2. ST3 and ST4 level. (ST stands for Specialty Trainee and the number tells which year of training the trainee is.)

The Paediatrics training pathway in the UK consists of three levels. All trainees follow levels one and two of the general paediatric curriculum. At level three they decide whether to continue in general paediatrics or to apply to complete their training in a chosen sub-specialty.

  • Level 1 – ST1-3 (2-3 years)  – provides basic knowledge of paediatrics and child health, with placements in acute general, neonatal and . . .

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