Specialty Training in the UK: Opportunities & Challenges

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Specialty training opportunities in the UK

Before making the decision of starting your road to the UK, fair knowledge about the opportunities and challenges in your chosen specialty training in the UK MUST be obtained in order to allow for better planning and preparation. And that's why, every year, competition ratios, acceptance and fill rates to give us an idea of what we can expect.

How to understand the specialty training pathway?

The first thing you need to understand is if your specialty is run-through or uncoupled. Now what does that mean?

If it's run-through:

  • The training starts at ST1. Core training is not separate from the specialty training.
  • You can gain entry from ST1-ST4 level depending on your experience, competencies, and their vacancies.

If it's uncoupled:

  • Core training is separate from specialty training.
  • Either you'll have to finish core training in the UK or have your core competencies signed before you can apply at ST3/4 . . .

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