Supporting Documents for TIER 2 visa

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tier 2 visa

The documents that you need to submit for Tier 2 is pretty limited and almost the same for everyone. You need to show up at the booked date and time at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) with all the papers and submit them according the system of your countries VAC. Some countries, e.g. USA, you have the option to mail them the papers, with the biometrics taken at a separate location. In other countries, e.g. Bangladesh, you have to attend the appointment where your documents will be scanned and also biometric information will be taken at the same day, just like the visitor visa.  They will also take your fingerprints, so keep in mind that if you have henna on your hands, you will not be allowed to proceed as it doesn't allow for a clear scan.Your case will be well explained in the online application part, or you can always have a look at your countries VAC website.

What documents do I have to provide?

These . . .

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