The Interview: Finalizing your first NHS job

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The interview part 3

Congratulations! Finally, you have the job offer that you were waiting for, your very first job in the UK. The excitement and a nagging fear tug at the back of your mind.

What questions should I ask before accepting? Will it be okay to ask (this) and (that)? They asked me to send a lot of many documents. I don't understand! When will I be able to apply for a TIER 2 Visa?

Conditional offer of employment

After an interview, the email that you will be waiting for is this, a "conditional offer of employment".

What comprises Pre-employment checks?

The following are components of the pre-employment check which seek to verify that an individual meets the preconditions of the role they are applying for.

Identity check

This is generally done when you are physically present in the UK, right before commencing your job. They would want to see your real . . .

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