UK VISA for PLAB : Supporting Documents

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I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to start working on your UK visa for PLAB as early as possible and start gathering the important documents. Why? No matter how many instructions and guidelines you follow- your case will be unique. It won’t match with anybody else’s, and if you maintain your cool, you can do it all by yourself.

An overview

What are the documents that I need for UK visa for PLAB?

Now regarding supporting documents - it varies from person to person a LOT. Your case can be entirely different form the nest person. So an idea about what basic things are almost mandatory to provide to prove your case is crucial.

Two documents are absolutely necessary!

  1. Your valid Passport.
  2. The email confirmation of your PLAB 2.

And the followings if that applies in your case.

Your Cover Letter

Officially this can be termed as "Information about your visit". You already . . .

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