UK VISA for PLAB : Supporting Documents

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I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to start working on your UK visa for PLAB as early as possible and start gathering the important documents. Why? No matter how many instructions and guidelines you follow- your case will be unique. It won’t match with anybody else’s, and if you maintain your cool, you can do it all by yourself.

An overview

Applying for UK visit visa

What are the documents that I need for UK visa for PLAB?

Now regarding supporting documents – it varies from person to person a LOT. Your case can be entirely different form the nest person. So an idea about what basic things are almost mandatory to provide to prove your case is crucial.

Two documents are absolutely necessary!

  1. Your valid Passport.
  2. The email confirmation of your PLAB 2.

And the followings if that applies in your case.

Your Cover Letter

Officially this can be termed as “Information about your visit”. You already must have put a lot of information regarding your visit in the online part of the application. And, that is YOUR MAIN application. Your cover letter is an addition to support your application and elaborate a few things you seem necessary. Not an essay competition! But bear in mind if you had visa rejection before, spare no expense to explain all the points in your rejection letter in your cover letter.

Following few documents and discussed in detail in the UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco

Letter of Support (from your financial guarantor)

Please go to the above UK Visa Financial Sponsorship Fiasco article to find out more. If you yourself finance your trip in that case you will only need your:

  • Salary certificate,
  • Bank Statements (Minimum 6 months)

Affidavit affirming the declaration of the financial sponsorship

(This is done before a notary public) Most of the translation centers will be able to provide you the version/pattern of affidavit used in your country for this purpose. It is not mandatory to have an affidavit done.

Bank Statements (Yours and/or sponsors)

If you are employed but being sponsored for the visit, still you will have to show your bank statement to prove YOUR financial circumstances.

Solvency Certificate

Banks issue that against a bank account. (This is where your major liquid assets should be). Most of the banks will issue this along with the bank statements. But it is always ask the bank to ask of this specifically and add some wording which applies for your purpose. Have a look at the sample here.

Income/Salary Certificate (Yours and/or Sponsors)

See this sample to have an idea how it should look like.

Any other papers to prove financial sponsorship like deeds of the fixed assets, retirement papers and all are also necessary. (All NON-ENGLISH documents, even with a name seal in any other language, have to be translated and notarized)

Evidence of Home Address

Deeds or Nationality Certificate or Home utility bill where the address is written. If the document is not in English, it has to be translated and notarized.

Accommodation in the UK

Please read this article Finding your accommodation in the UK

Confirmation or invitation letter & Council tax and utility bill of the accommodation address is necessary to prove plan of your stay. If it’s a family that you’re staying with, you don’t need to worry about proving sponsorship and all. If s/he’s just providing accommodation (and your other family e.g. father/mother is your financial guarantor), a simple invitation letter stating your name, your passport no, duration and purpose of your stay is enough along with his/her contact details. The council tax and utility bill is just to prove that the address exists by their name. Here is a sample of a tenancy confirmation letter.

Evidence of family members in your home country whilst you travel

Passport copies or National ID copies of your family members. (if NIDs then translated and notarized)

The above mentioned documents are very necessary for UK visa for PLAB and are titled in the documents checklist.

Where do I find this “documents checklist”?

After you finish and submit your online application, choosing a date and visa application center, you’ll have two documents to download.

  1. Completed Online Application.
  2. Documents checklist.

So you won’t see this till you have all your papers ready. Because, in my opinion, it’s unwise to choose an appointment date before getting everything ready.

You can check out this post, what to do after PLAB 1, to get an overview on everything that’s ahead of you. And also, how to plan for PLAB 2 & course to get the whole planning after your PLAB 1 to go as smooth as possible.

The other documents for UK Visa for PLAB you are going to provide is to prove your cause which you are presenting in your cover letter.

My Cover Letter

This bears a lot of importance. This is actually you presenting your case to the entry clearance officer. I am putting my cover letter here, i will highly recommend to read through it which will tell you in detail how I presented my case what other documents I added. A download link is added at the end of the document.

Entry Clearance Officer
UK Visas & Immigration

Re: Applying for Business Visitor Visa (PLAB Visa)

Respected Sir/Madam,
I, ---Your name---, Visa application reference no. -------, DOB --/--/----, Passport No. ---------, am applying for a Business Visitor Visa to appear in the PLAB Part 2 test, which I've booked for the ----PLAB 2 Date--- which will take place at 3 Hardman Street, Manchester, UK M3 3AW3a.

On the ----PLAB 1 Date---, I have passed my PLAB 1 exam in Dhaka, Bangladesh4a. My GMC reference number is as follows: --------4b.

I have completed my primary medical qualification (i.e. MBBS) in May 2016 from _______ Medical College, which is under the auspices of _____ University5a. I also completed my internship at the aforementioned college & hospital in ----Date---5b, and have already applied and paid for full registration as a medical practitioner with the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) 6 (I only applied for my full registration then, didn't receive that yet).


July 2008 : Passed Secondary School Certificate examination with 5.00/5.00 GPA.
June 2010 : Passed Higher Secondary School Certificate examination with 5.00/5.00 GPA.
April 2011 : I got enrolled in 5 years M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program in ---Your Medical College---.
January 2016 : Passed M.B.B.S degree.
May 2016 : Started training as an Intern Doctor in ---Your Medical College Hospital----
December 2016 : Scored Band ____ in IELTS UKVI taken by British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh5c.
March 2017 : Passed PLAB 1 from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
May 2017 : Finished Internship training in ---Your Medical College Hospital----

(Add further if you are working anywhere now, only when your employer is willing to give you a  No Objection Certificate)


My Father : (Name)
My Mother : (Name)

(All the members of the family who are dependant on the main earner of the family is to be mentioned here)

My parents and I reside at our family home in ---Your address---. My father retains full ownership of the property and housing. (A copy of the Home Utility bill8 (Electricity) is attached also with their National IDs7)


My father, ---Father's name----, will be my financial guarantor. His letter of support along with his related financial documents11 and an Affidavit declaring his sponsorship towards my visit are attached for your consideration.


During my course of stay in the UK I will be staying at a paid accommodation at ---UK accommodation address----. The tenancy agreement has yet to be signed as I have yet to obtain the valid leave to remain. A confirmation letter9a from ---my landlord---- and copies of Council Tax and Utility bill9b of his accommodation are attached. When I travel to Manchester to appear in PLAB 2 Test, my accommodation will be in ---a nearby cheaper hotel in manchester, just a provisional booking----. Booking confirmation9c is attached.

Before the exam I will attend a preparatory course at ---your course's name and full address--- held from ----duration----. It will aid me to take my PLAB 2 Exam. But this course will not provide me with any degree or certification rather it will just provide a support service for my main reason of visit, my PLAB 2 exam. (Course booking confirmation10 is attached)

MY ITINERARY FOR THE UK TRIP: (Visa Application Reference No. ________)

Specific date : Reach London, UK and travel to my accommodation.
Next day : Relax and unpack
Your course duration : Attend the 15 day PLAB 2 Course in
----Your course name and address----
The practice days : Review the subjects thoroughly and finalize my preparation for the test
2 days before PLAB 2 : Travel to Manchester UK
1 Day before PLAB 2 : Rest and final Review for the test
Oh! that date : Appear in PLAB 2 examination.
Next day : Rest & return back to ---your accommodation---
Next next day
: Departure from London, UK to Dhaka, Bangladesh

(This was my approach. You can add many more days in your stay but there have to a proper reasoning . Moreover, the more you stay, the more expense you will have to show. Always keep in mind about the liquid assets you are showing. In my opinion, your whole expense should not be more than 1/3rd of the liquid assets.)


I am a law abiding citizen of my country, and aspire to be a sincere and hardworking doctor.
I will obey all the rules and regulations of the UK legislation. I will return within the specified frame of time. I will not overstay my visit.
I have a genuine invitation from the General Medical Council UK to appear in the PLAB Part 2 examination. I am genuinely seeking entry into the UK as a visitor.
I would by highly grateful to you if you grant me visa clearance to appear in PLAB Part 2 examination and make a success story out of my life.

Thanking you for considering my application,




General Medical Council (GMC) UK Reference Number:
Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) Registration Number:
Permanent Residential Address:
Phone Number:

I have attached the following documents:

1. My Passport
2. Copy of my National ID
3. A letter from the relevant UK authority confirming arrangements:
a) My PLAB 2 booking confirmation from GMC UK.
4. Other documents related to General Medical Council (GMC), UK:
a) My PLAB 1 passing letter and test results.
b) My GMC Reference Number details.
5. My Academic Certificates:
a) Copy of My MBBS certificate.
b) Copy of Internship Completion Certificate
c) Copy of my IELTS UKVI Test Report Form.
6. Copy of the money receipt for Full Registration for Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).
7. Evidence of family members in my home country whilst I travel:
a) Copy of Father’s National ID
b) Copy of Mother’s National ID
8. Evidence of Home Address:
a) Copy of Home Utility bill.
9. My Accommodation in UK:
a) Confirmation Letter from ---my landlord---
b) Copy of Council tax bill and Utility Bill of my accommodation
c) Hotel Booking Confirmation from that cheap hotel.
10. 15-day PLAB 2 preparatory course booking confirmation at your course.
11. Documents related to financial Sponsorship of my father, -----father's name---:
a) My father’s letter of support
b) My father’s Affidavit of Financial Sponsorship
c) Solvency Certificate
d) Income certificate
e) Copy and Translated copy of the deeds/ record of rights of the land assets,

I hope the aforementioned documents will be sufficient enough for my visa to be processed. However, if you need any other clarification or document, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours


Click here to download a docx file of the above.

This was my approach. Here you can see all other documents that I attached. Adding an IELTS is not mandatory here, but if you have a valid one you should add.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I apply from my country of origin?

No. If you are in another country with work or student visa, that is if you’re legally there then you can apply from there. But not if you are a visitor there.

The name spelling of my parents/my address is different from my other documents- what should I do?

Many passports in the world does not have the person’s address/their parents’ names in their passports. So having slightly different parents’ names or address or spelling mistake on your passport should not worry you. ALWAYS use whatever is in their official document, which you will be providing as a proof. Your visa is NOT dependent on the spelling of your parents’ names.

What papers should I add from my financial sponsor?

As the scope of this discussion is huge and variable, the post Financial Sponsorship Fiasco contains further discussions and also what I have attached with my visa application.

Should I mention my PLAB 2 course?

The argument has been discussed and weighed in the post, The Academy Uncertainty.

Shouldn’t I be employed to prove my ties back home?

Not necessarily. Your family members, home address prove enough ties back home per se. It’s not mandatory to be employed while you are applying for a UK visitor visa. It all boils down to how transparent is your reason-to-visit (you have your PLAB 2 booking confirmation), and how well your finances are (you have your financial guarantor that s/he will provide you with the resources you may need). Even if you were unemployed and do not have a penny in your name- you can still apply for the visitor visa, which was what I did.

To conclude

So, after you have everything gathered, go to the completed online application page from the link from your email. Choose a date and time for the appointment at the visa application center.

And, yes, you’ve successfully finished all you could do. Now check out your final preparation regarding what happens at the visa application center here, UK Visa Guidance for PLAB 2: Final Preparation (Part 3).

Good Luck!


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