What is the PLAB?

What is the PLAB?

We’ve been asked by many to present a lot of the topics covered in this blog on YouTube by doing lectures or seminars, and so here is the next video in a series of posts that will cover all of your questions and concerns in a more interactive way! Whether you’re wanting to know about when you should start this journey, or what all will be needed along the way, part one of this seminar will cover all the questions you may have on the way to get started on your road to PLAB.

What is PLAB?

Wondering about the PLAB exams? Do you wish to know how the exam is setup, how many questions you can expect, and the overall format? Are you concerned about the costs, exam structure and preparation, as well as the validity period for the exams? What about where you will stand after the exams are done? RoadToUK discusses these topics along with other concerns you may have for your . . .

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