What to do after PLAB 2

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Finally the agonizing PLAB 2 exam is done. Some stations were horrible- you were completely clueless about the what, why, and where; while some went superb, you handled everything confidently. After a month or so when the results will be out, it will hardly matter any more since you will have passed. Mark my words!

I don't know what to do...

Now that you are done with the exam, when you lean back on your imaginary lazy boy in your imaginary warm house by the side of your imaginary fire place on a cold, cold night, you'll see how far you've come in your journey.

  • You cleared IELTS,
  • You have assed PLAB 1,
  • You have travelled to the UK to appear in PLAB 2, and that has a check mark now as well.

The sound of the windy night outside gets masked by the soothing sound of crackling firewood. Oh, the warmth, the comfort… and suddenly, everything . . .

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