What to do if you fail PLAB 2

What to do if you fail PLAB 2

Your PLAB 2 results came out and you're not happy. You studied hard, you toiled for hours on end, and you cannot believe the marks in front of you. How could this happen? Don't stress. Take a deep breath and stay in control, because this is just a minor detour, not a deterrent on your road to the UK. So let's discuss your options and how you can proceed.

I want a recheck!

That's completely understandable. When you have your PLAB 2 results that are often within a  fraction of passing, you start to wonder if you can just ask for your marks to be double checked to ensure you were given the full weight of your effort.

Unfortunately, the GMC does not approach rechecking in the same manner that, say, the IELTS or OET examiners do. The only grounds for appeal with the GMC is where there is clear evidence of a procedural irregularity in the consideration of the case. They will NOT . . .

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Mohammed Nakhuda
Mohammed Nakhuda

Is it necessary to join or study in academy ???


In my situation, I did my plab 1 in November 2017 and my plab 2 is in June 2019.
Does this mean that I only have one attempt to do this exam? Otherwise ill have to do plab 1 again right?

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