Why I Enjoy Working in the NHS

Why I Enjoy Working in the NHS

Everyone can find a list of reasons for why they want to work abroad- more job security, better pay, lifestyle improvement, educational opportunities, etc. The things that work for one person may not always be suitable for another. Thinking about joining and working in the NHS is definitely one of those bigger things that need proper consideration and planning before you embark on them. When you work in a different environment and setting than what you are usually used to, you will invariably start comparing them. It's just human nature. So while each person has a different experience and different surroundings, I thought it best to outline the general reasons of why I enjoy working in the NHS.

Personal Satisfaction

Being a doctor comes with a lot of ups and downs. You are often under a lot of pressure, sleep deprived, hungry, and anxious about upcoming exams, appraisals, and general day to day occurrences. A day without stress seems like a pipe dream. There is, however, on occasion a silver lining to our daily tensions by . . .

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