Working in A&E

Working in A&E

It's often difficult to assess where would be best to start off working in the NHS when you start applying for jobs, especially when you hear about how working in A&E may be stressful. Many of us wish to apply exactly where we one day wish to train- and we are well within our rights to do so. The question often arises, however, what department gives you the clearest introduction to the NHS.

Now let me add a heavy disclaimer: this is an opinion I am setting forth and I will list my reasons as well as pros and cons, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but all things considered, A&E is a great place to start working.

Why A&E?

Most patients in the hospital are admitted from the emergency department. The first doctors to see, treat, and stabilize a patient are in the ED. This gives you a fantastic picture of how the NHS works . . .

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Thanks for the detailed article but I want to find out about the lifestyle of A&E registrars and consultants. In other words, would I be in hospital for such long hours every day? This would mean a destroyed social lifestyle.

Md. Neaz Morshed
Md. Neaz Morshed

I want to know about what are the pathways to become a consultant in A & E? How much they earns from registrar level to consultant ?

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