Your First Home Abroad

Your First Home Abroad

The excitement of moving abroad is parallel to nothing else. The high of a new adventure, a new journey, a new path to take is intoxicating. Unfortunately, it comes with a good dose of reality by way of ensuring you have all the things you could ever need for settling in a new home. So let's discuss the checklist you will need to tick off for your first home!

Where to buy things from?

Let's first keep in mind that most anything can be found in the UK. There is no reason to unnecessarily burden your bags with things that can easily be bought here. Until or unless you are absolutely sure the item cannot be found in the UK or the cost is considerably more here, do not resort to lugging it along. Also try and seek hospital accommodations as your first option, or if that isn't possible, try and find semi-furnished flats with at least white goods (washing machine, fridge, etc), so that you'll have less to worry about when . . .

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