After PLABs are done, what should your next step be? How should you prepare for GMC registration? What makes a CV stand out? What happens at the ID check? What is EPIC? What do you need to complete the EPIC registration? How long will it take and how much will it cost? What are all the things that you can do while you await your PLAB 2 results? What needs to be known about the Certificate of Sponsorship and how is it allotted? What does it mean to need a certain amount of points? Don’t be caught unawares at any part on your road to the UK, so ensure you’ve understood all that needs to be done as soon as your PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 are done.

The Formula for CoS

Once you've gone ahead and secured yourself a job in a Trust that meets all your hopes and aspirations, you're left with another stack of papers to fill out and questions that need answering. Let's get started. What is a CoS? A CoS is a 'Certificate of Sponsorship' sponsored by…

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What to expect for the GMC ID Check

The moment has finally arrived! You're getting registered as a doctor under the GMC. Congratulations, you're that much closer to achieving your dream. Now let's get back to what you have to do. ID check. To get a clearer idea about when to book a GMC ID check appointment, please…

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What to do after PLAB 2

Finally the agonizing PLAB 2 exam is done. Some stations were horrible- you were completely clueless about the what, why, and where; while some went superb, you handled everything confidently. After a month or so when the results will be out, it will hardly matter any more since you will…

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How to apply for GMC Registration

GMC registration and a license to practice is the ultimate thing you need to work as a doctor is the UK. How to get GMC registration? There are three different ways you can get GMC registration: Passing the PLAB ExamsObtaining any acceptable post-graduate qualificationSponsored by a GMC approved sponsor We…

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