A sound knowledge and proper planning for IELTS and PLAB is the main key to success. The posts in this category will help you making the plans right, and keeping you one step ahead in your road to UK. From questions about which IELTS should be taken, to what scores are needed, and the costs, we’ve got you covered. Want to know when would be the best time to appear in the IELTS? Yup, we’ve discussed that too. What about later on when you’ve cleared PLAB 1 and you’re wondering how you should choose a PLAB 2 exam date and course? Yes, even that!

What is the UKMLA?

What is the UKMLA?I hear PLAB will be replaced?When will this happen?Do I still plan for PLAB?Should I give up my road to UK dream? How many times have you seen these questions floating around the various forums and groups on the net? Many of you must be (rightly) confused…

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