Working in A&E

It's often difficult to assess where would be best to start off working in the NHS when you start applying for jobs. Many of us wish to apply exactly where we one day wish to train- and we are well within our rights to do so. The question often arises,…

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Your First Day on the Job

Congratulations! Your journey to the UK has finally gotten you to where you've been waiting to be- employed as a doctor in a UK hospital.  Understandably, you must be very nervous. Perhaps you've been out of practice for a long period of time, or you're unsure about how the environment…

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How to Apply for Indemnity Coverage

Indemnity coverage?I don't need that! I'm a safe doctor and I always make sure I double check everything before I send my patient home. Be that as it may, indemnity insurance is your extra coverage to protect you in case of clinical negligence claims. Yes, your Trust will have provided…

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