A Beginner's Guide to PLAB

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If you've ever thought or dreamt about working in the UK as a doctor while being an international medical graduate, you would have undoubtedly heard of the Professional Linguistics and Assessments Board (PLAB) exam. This is one of the ways to obtain General Medical Council (GMC) registration in the UK, which would allow you to work in the NHS as a doctor.

What we've done in order to help you understand the PLAB process is provide you with the complete beginner's guide to PLAB, after which you will know everything there is to understand about the exam process, its requirements, how to prepare, and what to do once you get GMC registration . 

learning objectives

Overview of the PLAB exam

To be able to understand what the PLAB exam is, who needs it, and how to apply.

Understanding GMC registration

Knowing the types of GMC registration and how one becomes eligible to apply for GMC registration.

Requirements for the PLAB exam

To know what the pre-requisites are for the PLAB exam as well as how one becomes eligible to appear for it.

Opening a GMC Online Account

Walk-through of the process as well as the information needed to open a GMC online account to facilitate the exam booking process.

Post-PLAB Pathway for IMGs

What international medical graduates can do after successfully completing their PLAB exams, including UKFPO, FY2 standalones, non-training, and other training posts.


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Dr Ibreez Ajaz

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Dr Ibrahim Ivan

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