CREST & Portfolio : A comprehensive guide for IMGs

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When an International Medical Graduate (IMG) starts working in the NHS, their very first target of their career is to achieve a training post in their desired specialty. Many finds it difficult to understand the training pathway and eligibilities. Despite having FULL GMC registration with a license to practice, many IMG doctors haven't officially achieved Foundation Competencies.

To circumvent this situation, there is a form known as Certificate of Readiness to Enter Specialty Training (CREST), which can be signed off by your supervising consultant. But you have to collect and provide evidence to your supervising consultant (UK or non-UK) that you have achieved those clinical abilities that of a foundation doctor in the UK.

With this course we intend to help International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in following ways:

learning objectives

Overview of CREST form

To be able to find where to get the latest CREST form and what it's all about.

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)

To know what a Mini-Cex, DOPS, CBD and other SLEs are and how they are structured and how that can help achieving the competencies.

Horus e-Portfolio

Learning how to use an e-Portfolio (Horus) to accumulate the evidences together and get feedback.

Opportunities of e-Learning modules

To know which websites provide free e-Learning modules which helps to prove your competencies in various points in the CREST form.

Other tips for enriching your portfolio

Apart from achieving the CREST form signed we will talk about the ways you can enrich your portfolio for training application.


Ibreez Ajaz

Dr Ibreez Ajaz

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Dr Ibrahim Ivan

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