Applying for jobs in the NHS: A step-by-step guide for IMGs

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After a long-road winding road of getting GMC registration with a license to practice, a lot of International medical graduates (IMGs) feel frustrated when they reach the stage of job hunting.

With this course, we are extending our help to all the job-seeker doctors in the NHS to make their road to the UK a bit easier.

With this course we intend to help International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in following ways:

learning objectives

Navigating through the NHS jobs site

To be able to understand where's what in the job application website to get a good bearing.

Understanding the different types of jobs

To know what level of expertise is expected from the job title.

Making a solid CV or jobs profile

A walkthrough in the NHS jobs profile to know what to put in the asked fields and making it strong.

Finding the right job advert

Learning how to use the keyword-strategy to find the right advertisement for your level.

An example of applying for a job

The instructor applying for a job in the NHS jobs website.

Other jobs sites

Other websites instead of NHS jobs to look for jobs in the NHS.


Ibreez Ajaz

Dr Ibreez Ajaz

Internal Medicine Trainee
Ibrahim Ivan

Dr Ibrahim Ivan

Internal Medicine Trainee