Postgraduate Training (Residency) Pathway: An in-depth guide for IMGs

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Getting into your desired postgraduate training is one of the ultimate steps of your journey to become a doctor in the UK. As an International Medical Graduate (IMG) , it is often very difficult to grasp the UK Medical Education and Postgraduate Training pathway from the get go.

The delay may lead to frustration; or sometimes the hurry leads to dissatisfaction. So, striking a balance between the two is the key. Post-graduate training is competitive and also a big commitment in your career. Therefore, it is unwise to jump into training without knowing your pathway in and out. That's where we are here to help.

With this course we intend to help International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in following ways:

learning objectives

Understanding the basic structure of UK Medical Education

You will be able to identify the pathway of training for any given specialty

Identifying your position in the ladder

Just because you're new to the NHS doesn't mean that you have to start from the bottom

Finding information about a specific specialty

The information is out there, but we are here to guide how you can find it

Learning how to plan ahead for a training application

What steps you have to take to make sure you are ready for a training application

Different terminologies and their meaning

Terms like CCT, CESR, CSGPR, competencies, etc explained


Ibreez Ajaz

Dr Ibreez Ajaz

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Dr Ibrahim Ivan

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