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      Ibrahim Ivan

      So many of us starts to consider making a career in the UK while they are still a medical student. But it’s hard to do so without having everything laid out in front. So, here we go for 10 steps of being a UK doctor.

      Step 1: Getting your Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

      You can’t sit for the PLAB exams without your PMQ (primary medical qualification, e.g. MBBS). You don’t necessarily need to have the main diploma/certificate at hand in order to appear for PLAB, just a pass result in your final exams will make you eligible to embark on the PLAB route.

      Step 2: Completing acceptable pattern of internship

      Internship is not needed to appear in the PLABs. But, an acceptable pattern of internship is necessary for FULL GMC registration. It is also not advisable to make a gap in your internship to take PLABs (for example, making your PLAB 2 journey during that period). If you hadn’t complete an acceptable pattern of internship after graduation, and you think you have a very slim chance of getting into UKFPO Foundation programme, don’t run for PLABs. Figure out your internship first, then go for PLABs.

      Step 3: Obtaining required score in IELTS/OET

      Before you can book PLAB 1, you will have to have a required score in IELTS/OET. The score has to be valid while taking PLAB 1 and while you apply for GMC registration. For IELTS, the requirement is – 7.5 overall with a minimum 7.0 in all modules. OET requirement is getting a B in all modules. The scores have to obtained in the same test and only  the most recent one will be taken into consideration.

      Step 4: Taking PLAB 1

      Have a look at this topic, How to effectively prepare for PLAB 1

      Step 5: EPIC Verification of your credentials

      It is best that you complete your EPIC verification of your PMQ after your PLAB 1 pass results are out. You can also do it any time before that, but it would be wise to make sure your have your EPIC verification done by the time your PLAB 2 results are out.

      Step 6: Booking PLAB 2 and applying for UK Visitor Visa

      PLAB 2 only takes place in the UK. The exam happens all over the year, the dates available to book are periodically updated in your GMC online account. You can only see those dates after you have passed PLAB 1. The preparation for PLAB 2 is huge as it also includes the application of a UK visit visa.

      Step 7: Visiting UK for taking PLAB 2

      If you plan well, during the 6 months stay in the UK for your PLAB 2 you can potentially finish:

      • Passing PLAB 2
      • Applying and obtaining GMC registration
      • Job application and interviews
      • Finalise a job and get a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to apply for work visa.

      Step 8: Applying for GMC registration

      Even if you are not in the UK, you can apply for GMC registration online. They don’t have any separate ID check now, if you had taken the PLAB path. So, if you couldn’t afford to stay after your PLAB 2 exam, don’t worry, everything after can be done online.

      Step 9: Looking for jobs in the NHS

      As mentioned already, job application for NHS are all online, and even interviews can be conducted via Skype. So, technically you can a get a job in the UK sitting at your own living room.

      Step 10: Applying for Tier 2 (work) Visa

      Once you become successful in the interview and you finalise a job, the HR department will apply for your Certificate of Sponsorship to the home office. Once they have it, they will forward that yo you and with that you can apply for a Tier 2 (work) visa from your country. The first Tier 2 application has to be made from outside UK.

      There you go, you started as a medical student, now you are a doctor in the UK. The steps are more discussed in the post, Planning your PLAB journey.

      Please feel free to reply to this topic.

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      tina varghese

      Hello Sir,

      i wanted to ask whether a year gap between my internship and my plab exams would be a problem/hassle while i apply for jobs.

      i am also interested in the surgical section for my future endeavors in the UK. will this year long gap be a concern when I’m applying for jobs.

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