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      Ibrahim Ivan

      The duration of preparation depends upon you own planning and pace. But I will highly suggest to give it at least 2 months. But remember to tick box the following steps:

      1. Get yourself in the related Facebook groups for PLAB 1 preparation
      Even if no one replies to your query, you can always search in the discussion section of the group, maybe years ago there was a discussion about the very question you are having now.

      2. Download the 1700 Qbank and other related materials
      1700 qbank can always be regarded as a base of the prep. If you can, you can always subscribe to the online paid materials, but to my experience and many others, those aren’t as mandatory as you might think. 1700s explained by Dr Khalid Saifullah is enough.

      3. Set a target of questions per day
      It proportionally depends on how many days you are taking for the preparation. I would strongly recommend you to go through the 1700s at least twice.

      4. Mark the questions you think need reviewing
      This one simple habit will save you hours and hours of going through easy questions when you are reviewing.

      5. Look up the references
      Don’t believe the key or explanation in the qbank 100%. If you are even slightly unsure, do not hesitate of be lazy to look it up in the reference books like oxford handbooks.

      6. Take adequate rest
      When you are tired your brain will make you just sift through questions without thinking about it. So, take small breaks in solving questions and utilize that break in reading notes or a few important topics in the reference books.

      7. Attempt as many mock tests
      Try to assess yourself at the end of you preparation. Take as many mock tests as you can, putting yourself in an exam hall scenario, timing yourself and all.

      8. Keep reviewing 1700s your marked questions
      Till the last minute I believe reviewing what you got wrong first, is the best way to go.

      It’s really not that tough preparing as the syllabus for PLAB 1 is not extensive. If you can implement all the resources that is there for free, effectively, success is sure to come.

      Read more here, How to prepare for PLAB 1.

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      Adnan Karim

      Thank you for that great info man! Great help.

      Is there any material we should be reading to get a grip on the guidelines, especially if coming in from a different part of the world with different guidelines? if so what books or texts should be used. And other thatn 1700 Qs should we use any other qbanks?

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        Ibreez Ajaz

        Oxford handbooks are a fantastic resource to utilize. You can also look into or NICE guidelines for more information. If you feel that you have sufficiently completed the 1700s and wish to do another Qbank, then you can.

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