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      Charvi Saraswat

      As an IMG, I have one year work experience in my home country, post internship. And my peers have been telling me to enroll in WAST scheme (March 2019). I have my PLAB 1 exam in March 2019, and MRCP 1 in May 2019. I eventually want to get into IMT gastroenterology, which may be difficult to do owing to the ineligibility of IMG doctors to attend round 1. On the other hand, through WAST I will be eligible to attend round 1. Will it be beneficial for me to attend this March WAST interview, because I have no exposure of NHS and have not given Plab 2 yet. Or will the WAST hold interviews in August 2019 as well.
      I am not eligible for FY2 standalone as I have 7 in writing in IELTS.

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      Ibrahim Ivan


      If you are a WAST trainee, yes you will be able to apply in round 1 and 2 both in IMT application for the time you are a trainee as your visa will be sponsored by the HEE.

      But you will have to have your foundation competencies (Certificate of readiness to enter speciality training) even before you start the WAST which will ease your application for IMT.

      And training is Internal Medicine Training for 3 years. And then you will again have to apply for Gastroenterology ST4 training after you finish IMT.

      Please read the following posts to gather more idea regarding the process:

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