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      Hello. I’m stuck in an ugly situation. After all the hard work and completing my PLAB exams, I’ve been blockaded at registration as my Internship doesn’t meet the criteria.

      Basically, I am a graduate from Budapest, Hungary (EU) in 2012, been working in Ireland past 6 years in Medicine. Currently, working as a Registrar. Looking back to my internship certificate, the weeks add up to 43 week which is insufficient hence rejected. But that’s what all graduates do/ did in Hungary in terms of length of internship :S I don’t know how they’r internship is being accepted or what they did. Is it because they were EU citizens and I’m not?

      Instead, they asked for 2 yr post graduate experience (as per GMC criteria, 3 month medicine and 3 month surgery minimum) but I’ve been working in Medicine only since graduation therefore I don’t have surgical experience so that is useless too.

      I’m soo lost now, I had big hopes to move to UK and I don’t think its possible now. Any tips/ suggestions/ help would be greatly appreciated.

      They said I can apply for provisional registration instead and try to make up by doing FY or LAT. I’m not keen to do FY but LAT I’m not sure what that entails or how long to do it for GMC to accept that into full registration. Is that even worth going in that direction?

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      Ibreez Ajaz

      Hello, sorry to hear about your situation. Is there any way you can get some surgical rotations from where you are currently working? Also do you mean to say that GMC has said that with provisional registration you can complete a FY1 LAT and then apply for full registration?

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      Withdraw application for full registration and consider an application for provisional registration

      Where an applicant cannot satisfy the Registrar that they’ve the experience necessary to practise as a fully registered medical practitioner in the UK, it is open to the applicant to apply for provisional registration. If you decide to take this course of action, you might decide to withdraw your application for full registration. You should confirm this by email. In doing so, you’ll receive a full refund. You can make an online application for provisional registration. If you decide that you do wish to make an application for provisional registration, you’ll need to take into account the following information.

      The purpose of provisional registration is to enable a doctor to participate in and complete an acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors. The only acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors that the GMC has recognised is the Foundation Programme. Provisionally registered doctors are only permitted to take up F1 posts in the Foundation Programme. To do so they must also hold a licence to practise.

      The Foundation Programme is a 12 month programme which must meet the requirements set out in the GMC’s guidance The Trainee Doctor.

      Where a provisionally registered doctor is appointed to a Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) post the postgraduate deanery or foundation school must be involved in recruiting the doctor to that post. The deanery or foundation school will also ensure that the arrangements for signing the Certificate of Experience are clear. The Certificate of Experience provides evidence that the doctor meets the requirements for full registration. It must be signed by the University or their designated representative in the postgraduate deaneries or foundation schools.

      Locum appointments for service (LAS) posts must not be undertaken by provisionally registered doctors.

      Provisionally registered doctors have an obligation under Good Medical Practice (paragraph 13) to keep up to date with and adhere to the laws and codes of practice relevant to their work. This includes working within the scope of his or her registration by only undertaking posts that his or her registration allows. Serious or persistent failure to follow Good Medical Practice will put a doctor’s registration at risk.


      Hi Ibreez, that’s the email I received from GMC. So, does that mean I can do LAT for a year and get full registration? I’d like to know exactly what rotations they are asking and finally is it possible to get LAT posts or are they difficult?



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