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    Rahul Kaushik
    Rahul Kaushik

    Hello, recently I have been selected for Medical Training Initiative (MTI) in Wales (United Kingdom)
    I am General surgeon from India, have some queries regarding future prospects if I think to settle abroad.
    1) MTI 2 year training, what after 2 years, what will I do than.
    2) MTI + MRCS two years down the lane, what future prospects will I have than
    I know I have to leave UK after 2years following MTI.

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    Ibrahim Ivan
    Ibrahim Ivan

    Hello congratulations for getting selected.

    1. After MTI you will have to apply for non-trainee middle grade jobs in the NHS if you want to continue working in the UK.

    2. The scope of being a specialty doctor or senior clinical fellow in your field

    Also if you keep trying for ST3 training, gaining the core competencies while you are in MTI, you can end up being a consultant finishing the training route.

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    Trina D'Souza
    Trina D’Souza

    Hello Ibrahim and Rahul,
    I have a similar query, I’ve been selected for through the MTI and placed in a hospital, I’m a psychiatrist.
    In the two years that I’m there can I do my mrcPsy and continue to work there? What is the non-trainee middle grade job you referred to and when can I become a speciality doctor?

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    Rhonda Hickman
    Rhonda Hickman

    <p>Love to comment on Google it.</p>

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