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      Hello, my full name is Balram Prasad Shah (same in passport). During GMC account sign up, i mentioned my first name as “Balram” and last name as “Shah” but i didn’t mention my middle name “Prasad” .
      There was option “other name” but i skip that portion. I also booked Plab 1 and there is only mentioned Balram shah but in my passport there is Balram Prasad main concern is that,
      1.Will it be a problem not mentioning middle name?
      2.Or i should mention Prasad also?
      3. If yes ,how should i mention my middle name in gmc account?
      Hope for positive response.thank you.

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      Ibrahim Ivan

      @balram As a rule of thumb, your surname is the last portion of your name, and all the rest before it is your first name (if there is no option for you to put your middle name).

      e.g. Shubhas Chandra Bose.

      First name: Shubhas Chandra

      Last name: Bose.


      If you want to correct it, you can try and see if you can amend your details in GMC Online account. If you can’t, call GMC and they will correct it.

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      Usman Ashraf

      Hello, my name on OET result card is Muhammad Usman Ashraf Chaudhary as per my current passport. However, it is Hafiz Muhammad Usman Ashraf on my degree and other certificates. I contacted OET and now they won’t change my name. I have to register on GMC. What should I do now? Can I register myself with the name on my OET result card and my passport for now and after giving PLAB 1 ask GMC to change my name to Hafiz Muhammad Usman Ashraf by providing them new passport with changed name before the verification of my documents? Is it going to effect me?
      Need your response. Thankyou

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      Neha Dudeja

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello, i dont have my surname/family name in my passport or any other official documents.Kindly tell me what to write in the space given for surname in gmc registration.</p>

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