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      I’m an MBBS graduate from India, interested in doing Medical Psychotherapy in the UK eventually, and I’m looking for a few clarifications:

      a) The specialty competition ratio for Medical Psychotherapy ST4 is 3.0. While it is lesser for General Psychiatry ST4 at 1.02. Does this mean it will be considerably harder to get into my desired track? Is it reasonable to expect an average level of difficulty, or more?

      b) What can I expect to learn in the specialization? I have only found the GMC UK guidelines here . However they do not go into the specifics and did not help in giving me an exact idea of what I may be asked to study in this area.

      Thank you.

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      Ibrahim Ivan


      a) It seems medical psychotherapy is definitely more competetive than general psychiatry. That means more doctors are applying for less posts.

      b) Look for the “intended learning outcomes” in this curriculum:


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