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      Ibrahim Ivan

      A lot of doctors ask to know in detail about how an IMG can make a career in the surgical specialities. The following comes under this discussion:

      • General Surgery
      • Vascular Surgery
      • Paediatric Surgery
      • Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery
      • Otorhinolaryngology
      • Plastic Surgery
      • Urology
      • Neurosurgery
      • Cardio-thoracic Surgery

      Apart from neurosurgery and cardio-thoracic surgery (in those two specialities, the whole training can be together, run-through), ALL other has basically two distinct parts of the training:

      1. Core Surgical Training CT1 – CT2 (2 years)
      2. (Specific) Speciality Training ST3 – ST8 (5 years)

      Between “Core” and “Speciality” training, you have to finish MRCS. 

      Now there are a few things that can deter an IMG to get into core surgical training (CST):

      1. Your foundation competences (certificate of readiness to enter speciality training) needs to be signed.
      2. Your post-internship work-experience, can not be more than 18 months, in any surgical speciality in any country.
      3. The competition in very high to get into CST. And an IMG can not apply in Round 1 if they don’t have visa to do so (either a settled UK visa or an already deanery sponsored visa e.g in any training). A trust sponsored Tier 2 visa holder, can only apply in round 2 where there may not be any posts left or the competition is even higher.

      So the logical workaround is to skip CST altogether and work in non-training for 5 years to:

      1. To gather equal competences and get a certificate to enter higher surgical training signed.
      2. Complete MRCS. (If you hadn’t done already)
      3. Utilising this work experience for making your ST3 application in future rock solid. For example, being published, doing quality improved projects, taking part in research etc.
      4. Gain UK Settled visa (after 5 years of Tier 2, you can apply for that) and be eligible to apply for ST3 posts in round 1 eventually.

      At the end of the day, if you decide that being a specialist is not necessarily your aim, some doctors stay Speciality Registrar (SpR) their entire career. They can still apply their clinical knowledge to their patients and earn a considerable amount to support their families.

      The following flow-chart describes the pathway.

      If you have any questions or corrections in mind please reply below.

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      the diagram is not that clear ,please provide a picture with better resolution so it can be of real help specially the sentences written below the CT1-CT2 are obscured .

      my mail id is [email protected]

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      Ibrahim Ivan
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      I am planning for WAST starting from Aug 2019, which will make me eligible for round 1 in CST . My query is how to succeed in it ?

      My scenario
      Graduated in 2017
      1 year internship and 1 year as medical officer in Pakistan . I have my competencies signed from one of my consultant in Pakistan. Have 3 months orthopaedics experience as Medical Officer .Want to pursue orthopaedics in UK gain FRCS

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      Nwose Sunnie

      Could you please explain the post internship work experience can not be more than 18months in any surgical subspecialty outside the UK.
      Does that disqualify some of us who are already in surgical training in our country?

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